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Sari. Sam!girl. Louis AF. 22. Finland.
Wincest. J2. Sterek. Lourry.

A mess of Supernatural, One Direction, pancakes, Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, muffins, Shameless US, In the Flesh, Merlin, Suits and occasional Pokémon.

I once cried cause I didn't get the shoes I wanted.


what if one day when merlin tries to remember how arthur’s corner of mouth would twitch when he tried to not to laugh at him even tho they both knew he wanted to or the way how arthur would just sway on his feet some morning, still half asleep and muttering how merlin is the worst manservant ever, when merlin dressed him and that’s when he realizes that he doesn’t remember all the little things anymore

so he starts go trough his memories

what if one day he doesn’t remember anymore how gwaine’s laugh rang around loud and bold, how warm gwen’s smile or how gentle lancelot voice were?

what if he forgets arthur?

he doesn’t have any pictures, anything tangible to remind him of his friends

just his memories and dreams

which fade with time

what if he’ll forget them all and not recognize them when they come back

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    Why would you say such things?!?!?!?!? WHY??????!!!!!!!!??????
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